Vajazzle – Short Film


Vajazzle from Rodrigo Films on Vimeo.

A blinged babe goes below the belt to take revenge on her binge-drinking boyfriend!

Charrlotte has everything planned. A candlelit dinner, bubbles… and bling for her nether regions, which she’s gone to the trouble of de-fluffing, in an attempt to do one of these ‘Vajazzle’ things that she’s heard about – an extra treat for her man. But Dave has forgotten their special date. He’s gone on the rampage at the pub and is getting down with the boys. When Charrlotte finds out, she’s furious and sets her mind on revenge, a dish best served reheated.

Vajazzle, by Rodrigo Film’s filmmaker, Nathalie Boltt, is a sassy revenge-comedy for anyone who has gone that extra mile on a special day, only to dumped, ditched or left hanging. Starring Nathalie Boltt (District 9, Doomsday, Step Dave) and Jonathan Brugh (What We Do In The Shadows, How To Meet Girls From A Distance).

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